Advancing Diversity in Financial Services


President & CEO Brad Winges on diversity-focused recruiting

As one of the nation’s leading municipal investment banks, HilltopSecurities understands how important it is to hire and develop a diverse set of employees who accurately reflect the communities we serve. As a result, we’re able to deliver innovative financial solutions, drawing from a broader spectrum of ideas and experiences.

To learn more about our thoughts on diversity in financial services, read President and CEO Brad Winges article, “Advancing Diversity Begins with a Diverse Pool of Candidates," in Future of Business and Tech. In it, Winges talks about how a thoughtful, long-term recruitment strategy focused on diversity benefits clients, increases leadership opportunities for women, and moves our entire industry forward.

This article is part of Mediaplanet's Women in Leadership Campaign, distributed by USA Today. The campaign champions the idea that the business workforce should represent the consumers it serves and women should be empowered to bring their skills, perspectives, and strengths forward by founding, growing, and leading businesses.

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