Financial Markets

Far Beyond the Specialized
World of Commodities

Financial markets futures and options play a key role in today’s global markets. Their reach and applications go far beyond the specialized world of commodities and touch a very large portion of investors and corporations. Such products are an essential addition to the firm’s Broker-Dealer business as well as its securities clearing services.

Serving Clients

Our team has decades of risk management experience in Foreign Exchange markets, having helped all types of corporations manage the risk resulting from their import and export activities. The team is also keenly versed in assisting small and large investors to achieve target exposure to select financial markets, through the use of derivative overlay strategies. 
o Industrials
o Logistics & Transportation
o Energy
o Pharmaceuticals
o Agricultural & Food
o Retail Distribution
Financial Institutions
Financial Institutions
o Insurance Companies
o Banks
o Asset Management Companies
o Professional Traders
o Commodity Trading Advisors
o Individual Investors

Our Services

The HTS Commodities Division was organized to provide our clients with access to high quality, independent financial products and services over a wide range of business interests. Whether acting as our clients’ advisor or broker, HTS Commodities is always impartial to a specific product, bank or provider.

As an NFA Commodity Trading Advisor and Swap Firm, HTS Commodities can assist its clients in all aspects of implementing a robust hedging program. Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of initial program development, including program feasibility analysis, document negotiation, and counterparty/FCM selection.  Implementation services include trade solicitation, pre-pricing/pricing, and providing fair value opinions, to name a few.

In addition to acting as an advisor for hedging transactions, HTS Commodities specializes in acting as an Introducing Broker for the execution of our clients’ futures, options and over-the-counter derivative positions.  Because we are independent of any FCM or provider, our clients have the opportunity to trade through any of our multiple FCM or provider relationships.

Beyond assisting our clients hedging actual or expected assets, liabilities or other positions, HTS Commodities can help in finding and executing suitable futures, options or over-the-counter strategies meant to enhance and/or diversify qualified clients’ investment portfolios.

HTS Commodities is a leading commodities firm and investment bank, with insights and market intelligence that span a wide range of industry sectors and financial products. Our team of highly experienced advisors, brokers, and strategists ensure that our clients have access to real-time market information, our in-depth global and regional opinions, and technical analysis and the most current trade ideas.

As a leading investment bank, HTS Commodities has extensive experience in advising on and brokering structured financial products solutions that can provide enhanced, multi-asset-type performance to our clients.  Available strategies include a wide variety of “off-the-shelf” products or can be customized to meet an investor’s goals.

A robust hedging or investment program starts with a full understanding of the benefits and risks of available strategies. HTS Commodities has a long history of educating our clients, governing bodies and other financial decision makers about all important aspects of transacting in futures, options and OTC derivatives.

HTS Commodities provides clients with the necessary tools to track and report their commodities hedging and investment activities after trade execution, including mark-to-market (valuation), hedge accounting, hedge/investment performance analysis, and OTC payment verification services, to name a few.


Because HTS Commodities is not limited to one specific product and not tied to any one particular provider, we can always offer you the product that best fits your needs.  Investors and hedgers have access to a range or products related to equity indexes, energy, metals, interest rates, agriculture and currency.


Listed Options & Futures

Standardized, transparent & liquid contracts traded on multiple exchanges across the world.



Highly customizable bilateral transactions offering bespoke terms and packaged strategies.


Block Trades & Cleared Products

Ideal for large negotiated & bilateral transactions, yet requiring central clearing.


Structured Notes

Hybrid securities combining a bond wrapper and a single- or multi-asset derivative component.


Commodity-Related Securities

Indirect & diversified commodity exposure through vast amount of standard securities.


Commodity Indices

Alternative tools for broad commodities exposure, ranging from passive to more dynamic management approaches.

Financial Markets Data

• S&P 500
• Nasdaq 100
• Dow Futures
• Japanese Yen
• British Pound
• Euro FX
• Mexican Peso
• Canadian Dollar

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