About Us

Advancing Commodities Interests through Comprehensive Financial Solutions

HTS Commodities was created in July 2021 through the fusion of three teams of commodities specialists with decades-long experience, superior industry knowledge and strong local roots. The division consists commodities professionals spread across seven offices in Texas (Amarillo, Dallas Park Cities, and Dallas HQ), Tennessee (Memphis), Minnesota (St. Paul), Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) and New York (NYC).

The team—comprised of seasoned commodities brokers, traders and investment bankers—has a wealth of expertise in risk management, trading execution, and advisory. With the added benefits of critical size and diversity, we are able to bring analysis and insight across all commodities sectors but also broader financial markets such as rates, foreign exchange, and equity indices.

As a division of HilltopSecurities, we’re backed by a strong and diverse financial services enterprise—Hilltop Holdings, a well-capitalized and publicly traded parent company that’s focused on moving our clients forward. Nothing better represents this than our iconic buffalo mascot, “Mo,” a symbol for our collective strength, unified force, and the unstoppable momentum of an advancing herd.
HTS Commodities is committed to improving lives — for our customers and our employees. We seek to serve as your trusted advocate by providing the financial guidance, solutions, and services that achieve your definition of success.










Our History

75+ Years of HilltopSecurities

First Southwest Company forms in Dallas as a broker-dealer specializing in public finance. FirstSouthwest begins ongoing relationship with the City of Dallas as municipal advisor.

/ 01

Southwest Securities Inc. incorporates and becomes one of the first broker-dealers to enter the fully disclosed securities clearing business.

/ 02

SWS launches Brokers Transaction Services, a licensed broker-dealer subsidiary serving independent advisors. In October 2015 it becomes Hilltop Securities Independent Network Inc., and in February 2021 it is renamed Momentum Independent Network Inc.

/ 03

Through an Initial Public Offering, Southwest Securities Group becomes a public company and begins trading on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

/ 04

SWS Group acquires California-based M.L. Stern & Co., significantly expanding its retail brokerage business on the West Coast. Later that year, PlainsCapital Corporation acquires First Southwest Company.

/ 05

FirstSouthwest joins the Hilltop Holdings family of companies through Hilltop’s acquisition of PlainsCapital Corporation.

/ 06

HilltopSecurities forms from the merger of FirstSouthwest and SWS Group creating one of the leading municipal investment banks and wealth advisory firms in America.

/ 07

HilltopSecurities relocates to its new national headquarters, HilltopSecurities Tower at 717 N. Harwood St. in Dallas, and celebrates 75 years of serving clients in the securities business.

/ 08

HilltopSecurities launches the new brand HTS Commodities to combine its retail and institutional commodities businesses.

/ 09

TRU Trading in Amarillo joins HTS Commodities in Central Region.

/ 10

HTS Commodities expands in Mid-South.

/ 11

We Care About Our Communities

The leaders and professionals at HilltopSecurities care deeply about our communities and are committed to serving others in order to improve lives and secure a better future.

Our community involvement reaches all areas of society. Whether supporting inner city schools, helping the elderly, promoting the arts, or supporting medical and non-profit organizations, HilltopSecurities is involved. Our associates personally dedicate themselves and their time as community leaders by serving on the boards of civic and charitable organizations and by participating in the everyday volunteer activities that make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

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We Care About Our People

Our associates’ civic engagement is no accident. We are dedicated to providing a great workplace that cultivates our business culture and allows us to attract and retain the best people to meet the needs of our clients and the communities in which they live. We are committed to creating a diverse team of experienced professionals with the expertise to assume leadership roles. We encourage and reward our associates’ community involvement, and we offer them opportunities to learn and improve through collaboration and empowerment.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Sustainability

The Hilltop family of companies is committed to addressing environmental concerns, social issues, and governance risks that impact long-term sustainability. We know that ESG factors are significant considerations for those seeking transparency into the principles, operations, and practices of the companies with which they do business. That’s why our companies are committed to embracing transparency into our business activities to provide our stakeholders with important information related to our ESG initiatives. To that end, in 2021 Hilltop Holdings published a baseline ESG and Sustainability report for public disclosure of our culture, policies, practices, and risk strategies addressing ESG considerations. To view Hilltop’s published ESG reports, please visit the Hilltop Holdings website.

Our Professionals

Brock co-heads the Mid-Central Region for HTS Commodities. He brings 20 years of livestock and grain market experience. Throughout his career Brock’s focus has been on agriculture and energy commodities, developing risk management strategies and advising clients such as corporate feedyards, food processors, farmers and oil & gas producers. He has also been a Commodity Trading Advisor and advised many clients on managing futures programs. Brock is a weekly contributor on RFD TV covering the latest developments in the Ag markets.

Will co-heads the Mid-Central Region for HTS Commodities. He brings 15 years of experience in agricultural, softs and energy derivatives. Throughout his career he has traded and advised numerous agricultural and energy producers, consumers and marketers on personalized risk management strategies. His background, having grown up in the cattle industry, helps him understand and expand new and creative ideas on how to maximize their business ventures.

Ryan Butler is the Senior Vice President of Agricultural Products at Hilltop Securities. He and his team of professionals are committed to working with producers to help them protect their revenue and preserve their equity. His team is dedicated to bringing a legacy value and integrity to operations across the U.S. A graduate of West Texas A&M University, Ryan began his crop insurance career in 2012. Understanding a producer’s operation and finding pathways through the ever-changing world of agricultural risk drives Ryan to be constantly educating himself, his team and his producers to execute strategies including new crop insurance products and capitalizing on revenue opportunities. When not talking risk management, you’ll find Ryan and his wife, Chelcei, assisting their son, Knox, at horse shows or on the golf course.

Spencer has been in the cattle business since an early age, working in the family’s packing plant and ranching operations throughout his school years. Spencer went to SMU before returning to his family’s stocker-feeder cattle and farming businesses. His broad experience and knowledge of the cattle industry led him to develop a keen interest in risk-management and trading. He went on to join the risk-management team at TruTrading, Co. (now merged with HTS Commodities) in 2014, he has since continued to enrich his expertise in the field.

James Graves is a Vice President, Insurance Broker, Agricultural Products with Hilltop Securities. James is 2012 graduate of West Texas A&M University, and he also obtained a graduate degree in Animal Science from New Mexico State University. As a life-long resident of the Texas panhandle, James takes pride in working with a wide variety of agriculture producers to mitigate risk through the federal crop and livestock insurance program. When not assisting producers with their risk management needs, James enjoys spending time with his wife Jerra and two kids, Wyatt and Payton.

Blayne Schroeder is the Vice President Insurance Broker of Agricultural Products for Hilltop Securities. He is committed to working with producers in the area to protect their equity and revenue risks. His goal is to bring great value to all operations across the area. Blayne graduated from West Texas A&M University with an agricultural background in 2013. Looking for different ways to help producer’s operations and assist risk mitigation drives him to be educated at the highest level. Outside of Crop Insurance, you will find him playing golf, hunting, and spending time with his wife Bailey! Blayne takes pride in working with different agricultural products to lower risk through federal crop and livestock programs.

Mitchell, a broker and trader for HTS Commodities, has 10 years of experience in the energy markets with previous positions held in the exploration & production space, as a geologist first and subsequently as an energy hedging specialist. Throughout his career, he has worked for major corporates, private producers and alongside private equity. His particular focus revolves around traditional energy markets, as well as renewables and carbon markets.

Bryson, a broker and trader for HTS Commodities, brings 15 years of experience in cattle marketing and risk management. From handling the cattle procurement and risk management strategies for one of the largest cattle feeders in the world to managing the production and trade for a beef packing plant in Idaho, Bryson has helped a diverse range of organizations in the livestock industry drive profitability in complex supply chain models. As a broker and trader for HTS, Bryson helps his clients manage their risk and assists them with any spec trades.

Cali manages the internal office and external communications, in addition to client relations. Cali is focused on servicing all client and broker needs and seeks to create an organized and seamless flow of operations. She provides effective and efficient material regarding client and market information, striving to further enhance client experience and success.

For more than 30 years, Bill has been assisting energy analysts, high-net-worth speculators, and hedge accounts implement investment strategies that help them reduce financial exposure and take advantage of market volatility. Bill’s deep experience monitoring futures positions has taught him that direction and timing is crucial, which is why he facilitates the use of options.

Lewis co-heads the Mid-South Region for HTS. He brings in excess of 35 years of experience in the commercial/institutional grain business with expertise in the livestock feed sector, soy crush, ethanol grind, rice milling and commercial grain elevator space. His main emphasis remains in advanced option strategies, with experience across the board from the financials to the ag sector. Lewis was raised in Greenwood, MS and is also heavily involved in the cotton arena.

Coors is a cotton specialist in our Memphis, Tennessee office. He offers 27 years of global experience in commercial hedging, proprietary trading and CTA management, with posts in the U.S., Europe and Australia. Prior to joining HTS Commodities, Coors founded and served as President and CCO of Arthur Dunavant Investments, where he was in charge of trading strategies and all NFA and CFTC compliance.

Marvin co-heads the Mid-South Region for HTS Commodities. His clientele of over two decades range from individuals to global multi-national entities focused on agricultural hedging. He applies technical, fundamental and seasonal analysis to enhance his client’s experience. Rough rice futures and options are a particular niche of his expertise. He also oversees proprietary trading of equity index futures and options.

Melinda manages the internal office and external communications, in addition to client relations. Melinda is focused on servicing all client and broker needs and seeks to create an organized and seamless flow of operations. She provides effective and efficient material regarding client and market information, further enhancing client experience and success.

For more than 50 years, Financial Advisor Charlie Clark has helped clients in the farming, ranching, oil & gas, and mortgage industries hedge risk and stabilize revenue by facilitating their participation in the commodities and futures markets. As part of HTS Commodities, Charlie works to build a comprehensive understanding of his clients’ production and capital needs so they can continue to go about their business with confidence.

With more than 30 years of financial services experience, Mark has extensive experience in the agriculture cash markets and option hedging for producers and manufacturers. Throughout his time in the industry, Mark has helped a diverse range of investors in the livestock and grain industries—from farmers and ranchers to meat processors and buyers—secure the substantial amount of capital necessary to keep their operations running smoothly and effectively.

Jim oversees the development, deployment and maintenance of several trading programs utilized by the firm’s advisors on behalf of their clients. He is also the co-founder of analytical software developer CompuTrac and has been the publisher of HALCO Trading Strategies since 1985. Futures magazine named Jim one of the Top Traders in 2007 & 2010 and profiled him in the publication’s Trader Profile feature in 2008. Jim is also frequently called upon for comment in many industry-leading magazines including Futures, Investor’s Business Daily and Barron’s.

Jill brings 30 years of experience in the commodities and futures industry. She is a registered broker who, beyond running the day-to-day operations of the Park Cities office, leads the handling and execution of client order flow. Her longstanding connections with our partner FCMs and her mastery of all clearing rules and processes make her an essential piece of the firm’s commitment to the highest standards of execution and quality of service.

Holly manages the internal office and external communications, in addition to client relations. Holly is focused on servicing all client and broker needs and seeks to create an organized and seamless flow of operations. She provides effective and efficient material regarding client and market information, further enhancing client experience and success.

Walter is a Senior Commodity Strategist at HTS Commodities. He brings 15 years of experience of analyzing and trading agricultural, livestock, energy, softs and metals derivatives. Throughout his career he has specialized in developing institutional trading and risk management strategies that focus on applied fundamental and quantitative analysis. His background includes working for multinational agri-processors, hedge funds and as an economist at the United States Department of Agriculture.

Scott is a broker at HTS Commodities. He brings 15 years of experience in the grain and livestock industries and services a diverse agricultural clientele along with commodity investors throughout the continental United States. Scott works with individual clients to design and integrate custom risk management and investment strategies. Prior to joining HTS Commodities, he worked at CHS Hedging and two smaller Introducing Brokers, NorthStar Commodity Investment Co, and Slipka Trading. Scott is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and holds a FINRA Series 3 license.

Jerome heads HTS Commodities. He brings 20 years of experience in Global Markets, as a risk management and derivatives expert with a particular focus on commodities over the last 12 years. Throughout his career, he advised a long list of oil & gas producers, independent power producers, mining groups, governments, airlines and industrial corporations.

Jeff brings more than 10 years of experience in commodity markets. Throughout his career, Jeff has specialized in developing and executing futures and options strategies, risk analyses, and hedging programs for a broad range of organizations across various commodities sectors. As a broker and trader for HTS Commodities, Jeff consults with commodity operators to understand their business needs across the supply chain, anticipates risk scenarios, and creates cross-functional hedging solutions for clients.

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